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Guaranteed Traction Solutions

Win with Us!

Billet Aluminum Lighter Than Plastic

American Made from 6061 T6

The one piece BILLET backer providing traction for todays high-performance sleds.



How much power are you losing with the "other guys"?

"Typically, and speaking in generalities, for each thousand foot gain in elevation, horsepower drops by three-percent. Given that, at 6,000 feet a 150 horsepower motor will lose 18-percent of its hp (6 x .03 = 0.18). So, this 150 hp, with 18-percent less horses (27 less) will slap a mountain face with 123 ponies. Add to that, an approximate 40 percent hp loss through the transmission — mostly through track rotation — this now 123 HP motor (123 X .40) is delivering 73.8 hp at the rear axle. The approximate 40-percent hp loss is charged to rotating mass, as well as binding, slippage, redirecting the twisting forces and resistance."



 Today's Sleds Have More Power and Deeper Lug Tracks

So, why are you using the same stud backer you used twenty years ago? 

Because, nothing has changed... Until now...

Guaranteed Traction Solutions introduces the first, one piece

Billet Aluminum Backer focused on high-powered applications

Are you sure you're putting all your sled's power to the ground?

Our backers are a completely new design which incorporates the nut and backers into a single piece made of 6061 T6 billet aluminum. 




For those at Big East and Snowdeo last year you know our product is not only as light but lighter than plastic products out there but it is obviously stronger as it eliminates the two piece designs of the past. Our product incorporates the nut and washer into a singular product made of 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum. 


Get The Most Out of Your Sled

Rotational Mass Is Key
Reducing your stud backer weight can reduce your rotational mass by over a pound!
What shocks most people is we are lighter than the Chinese plastic backers. 
Our Billet Aluminum Backers are Significantly Lighter than the traditional "Washer and Nut Design" but then what isn't? 

Three Backer Heights for Any Application

The .62 Billet Backer

The lightest billet aluminum backer made of 6061 T6 available for racing and high performance trail applications where every ounce counts.

The .87 Billet Backer

Still as light as plastic backers with all the rigidity of 6061 T6 Aluminum for high performance trail riders seeking additional strength.

The 1.12 Billet Backer

The big boy, aimed at deep track trail sleds running tall lug tracks. 


Contact Us for Powdercoat Options 6500 Colors

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